Our stack

For web-development we use current stack

  • CMS
  • # 1С Битрикс
  • # WordPress
  • # Modx
  • # OpenCart
  • Frameworks
  • # Django
  • # Laravel
  • Front end
  • # JavaScript
  • # HTML5/CSS3
  • # Vue.js
  • # React
  • Back end
  • # PHP
  • # Python
  • # ASP.NET

Why you should choose our team for your project:

We will carefully analyze your business sector, your competitors and your target audience profile.

We assign a dedicated project team that includes marketing specialist, web-analyst, UX/UI-designer, front-end developer and back-end programmer, seo-specialist, copywriter and your personal project manager.

As a result with your new website you will receive not a fancy toy but a powerful tool that will bring your business to a new level.

Our projects

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How do we work?

Step-by-step web development process

  1. We provide you an access to our project management system, where you can check current status of your project, timeline and progress.
  2. Research your business and competitors
  3. Collect key words
    for search engine optimization
  4. We build prototypes, based on behavioral models of your customers.
  5. We design desktop and mobile layouts for every page of your website.
  6. Make responsive layout for every page
  7. Write content for each page
  8. We program necessary functionality
  9. QA Testing of the website


We will help you: or email: info@waytostart.ru

Corporate website

from $2 000


from $3 000

Landing page

from $1 000

Online service

from $5 000

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